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With PixelTrackers.com I don't have to worry about having to shift resources to meet marketing needs. The Marketing team places the pixels themselves, and I never have to think about it. Thank you PixelTrackers.com!

- Keith J. (I.T. Manager)

Affiliate Conversion Tracking

PixelTrackers.com provides third party conversion tracking solutions to manage company and client marketing. Testing new marketing programs such as pixel, third party, or affiliate tracking, requires the flexibility and adaptability that can't always be achieved by an IT department whose long list of projects and updates push your needs to the bottom of the list. At PixelTrackers.com we move your needs to the top. We allow you to directly manage pixel tracking the way you want it. We convert your rules, your words, and your ideas into a marketable solution. PixelTrackers.com PixelTagManager provides a speedy service allowing you to add or remove third party conversion pixels in real time. Place one PixelTrackers.com conversion tag on a page and you are in control. Should you want a full service option, PixelTrackers.com also provides professional services to effectively manage your business tracking needs for you. New marketing affiliates can start sending you conversions in a matter of hours, not days, saving you time and money.

How PixelTrackers.com Works

First, create an account with PixelTrackers.com to obtain your PixelTrackers.com conversion tag. Next, determine the query string parameters that are appropriate to your needs and add them to your PixelTrackers.com conversion tag. You are now ready to have your IT department place your customized conversion tag on your conversion page. After the tag is in place, you login to PixelTrackers.com and start managing your pixels using PixelTagManager. It's that simple.

PixelTagManager Features

  • One step integration, simply place a single PixelTrackers.com conversion tag for each of your conversion pages
  • Pixels fire based upon query string values and rules that you create
  • We give you the freedom to choose your own parameters, no cookies required
  • Affiliate conversion tags can be added or removed in a matter of minutes
  • Instant control over which marketing programs you want to start and participate in
  • Sales information is shared only with third party affiliates who facilitated the sale, eliminating double counting and double commission payouts for a single conversion

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